This committee deals with the area from Callala Bay to Berrara and Draft Management Plans are being developed. Minutes of the few meetings that have occurred are on the council Agenda and Minutes website. The issue of climate change, sea level rise and storm regimes being recognized in planning was raised at the last meeting.

REPORT OCT. 20 2021
2021-10-26 beach access report to comm CC_20211019_MAT_17462
2021-10-26 MINUTES CC_20211019_MIN_17462-1

The Committee met yesterday for 1.5 hours on Microsoft Teams. The Community representatives are myself, Graham Connolly [Aboriginal], Tony Thomson, Bob Pullinger and Julie Court [Sussex Inlet]. The Youth representative was not present. The meeting Agenda and prior Minutes appear on Council’s Agenda and Minutes web link [31 pages].
The meeting considered a number of Reports. The first of those was on
the Beach Access Tracks Assessment that has been completed. There are 220 such tracks on 40 beaches and these were rated for existing condition from field inspections. No tracks will be closed until ratified by the new council. Discussion was raised concerning water discharge quality, monitoring of cultural significance at the sites and recognition of current works. Staff gave an assurance of water quality issues ‘always being considered’. Huskisson was mentioned by staff as having some particular needs re beach access. SGB was not part of this assessment as it is not part of the Open Coast and Beaches. The Report with mapping will be made available.
Further Reports were received and accepted on the progress with Coastland Management Planning for “Open Coast and Jervis Bay”, the south group of “SGB-Sussex Inlet-Swan Lake / Berrara” and a “Progress Update”. [Full reports on the Agenda web page]
Comment: Coastal Zone Management Planning could be extended by 2 years [State Govt. decision pending]

Discussion points:

[ There will be formal Minutes of this meeting on the Council Agenda and Minutes Web link and there is also Community access is provided through the Council “Get Involved” web link and]