Hi Coal Seam Gas Free Shoalhaven Supporters. Thank you for your interest in the future of the Shoalhaven and your response to the risk of coal seam gas development in the area. Please visit the following link for more information on Petroleum Exploration License (PEL 469) Which covers most of the Shoalhaven;            
Please find our attached petition, we are aiming at 10,000 signatures so any that you are able to gather is greatly appreciated and a big help to the cause. The return address is on the bottom of the petition.
CSG Free Shoalhaven Petition

Sign the Online Petition
Thanks to Debra Moore and Howard Jones who have set up an on-line petition calling on the NSW Government to revoke the CSG license over the Shoalhaven.  Please sign on to this petition. For each person who does, an automatic email goes to the Premier and other Ministers and adds to the pressure to take action to protect our land and water. Sign the petition here
Coal Seam Gas Industry ‘loose with truth’ on gas prices
In the last month the coal seam gas industry and the Government have alarmingly warned that if they are not allowed to drill gas wells quickly in NSW, we face a gas supply crisis and rising gas prices. But economic think tank The Australia Institute has shown that it is the industry’s own plans that are putting up gas prices. They intend to export most gas overseas to attract higher prices. This means that unless we pay more to match the overseas price we will have to pay more. It is a crisis of greed not gas. You can read more about the report here
Join Lock the Gate
The Lock the Gate Alliance has been working to protect communities, land and water from coal seam gas for over 3 years. They have a wealth of knowledge about the risks of the industry and regularly send out updates with the latest information. You can find out more
here or join Lock the Gate. CSG Free Shoalhaven is one of over 160 groups around the country affiliated with Lock the Gate.
Thank you to everyone who took action last month to lobby NSW MPs to reject the Government’s proposed changes to coal seam gas laws. These laws would have weakened protections for landholders. Your action made a difference and the Government has withdrawn the amendments – for now. You can see more about the proposed laws on this 7:30 NSW Report. We’ll keep you informed. Do you have friends who would be interested?                        
Justin Field, for CSG Free Shoalhaven